Triptracker 2019 Best of Both


A Tracking System that records and shares your trip live on a internet map.

It Works on and off the grid except for the North and South Pole

There is also a mobile GSM option if you don’t have a vehicle battery

Sharing the map

To publish your trip we need the start date and end date and the Trip name. This will enable us to create a web link for you to share with Friends.

Our Home page will display a current or past trip to give you an idea of what to expect.

Booking your Unit

send a email to or a whatsapp to +27828888666

What we need from you:

  • Book your unit at least a month in advance. Short notice may be accommodated
  • Invoicing Details
  • Trip Name
  • Public (share with the world) or private (share with your friends)
  • Trip start date
  • Trip end date
  • Your shipping address
  • Vehicle Type Make and model of vehicle
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Shipping Address


Please note that you will receive 2 tracking units.

  1. Black GSM unit for wiring and sticking to your main vehicle battery inside the engine compartment or a mobile unit that needs charging every 7 days
  2. White Globalstar Satellite unit for sticking to the inside of your windscreen above the license disk

The GSM unit is the one that draws the map and supplies the distance travelled. Normal recording intervals will be set to 10 minutes. While outside of GSM coverage it will still record just like a GPS data logger and will send the data as soon as it enters GSM reception.

The Satellite unit will send a position every 6 hours regardless. This way your location will be known even when you are outside GSM reception. The map will only update your position and not your route taken, wait for the GSM unit to send again to see the route. The batteries should last approximately 6 months. A spare set is included in case of early battery failure.

You may install and switch the units on the day before your trip starts and off once home. Pls close the cover of the satellite unit for dust and water once switched on. Don’t over-tighten as you will crack the lid and it won’t be waterproof anymore.


Satellite unit on the Left and GSM unit on the right


Remove cover and slide switch to ON position


Close cover for dust and water protection


Stick Satellite unit on inside of Windscreen


Clean top of vehicle battery with solvent and leave to dry
Stick unit to top of battery with supplied adhesive tape, connect black wire to Negative terminal and red wire to positive terminal