“The value of any location awareness system lies in the accuracy of the recording and the reliable delivery of this data. This is what sets us apart.”

– Sarel van der Walt (Owner)

Company Background

  • Africanstuff gained extensive experience in the field of GSM telecommunication, GIS and GPS navigation. The ultimate understanding of the synergy between these technologies gives us the edge.
  • We specialise in development of innovative tracking and fleet cost solutions.
  • First to combine SMS and multimap layer reporting to create specific pinpoint location information. Competitors could only provide you with an indication of the location of your vehicle.
  • First to implement Compressed offline history logging to prevent the loss of data - great benefit for analysing data.
  • First to implement REAL mobile phone tracking using GPS


  • Lists and lists of special functions is of no use if the information is not accurate.
  • Africanstuff stands by the reliability of our hardware, software and server as well as the accuracy of our data
  • A combination of the following elements will assist you to get a factual overview of the vehicles actions
  • Accurate Distance Traveled
  • Comparison of manual data captured reports vs. system generated information
  • Show you where vehicles operate (road conditions and speed)
  • Like our competitors we can create any feature you require